History of MAT S/A

The Company was originated with the founding of SOCIEDADE TÉCNICA DE MATERIAL CONTRA INCÊNDIO LTDA., in June, 1940. The aim of the company was the manufacture and sale of fire extinguishers.

In 1948, it incorporated the representation of vehicles and fire fighting equipment to its activities, importing to Brazil the first fire-fighting truck, equipped with a MAGIRUS ladder.

In 1956, it changed its corporate name and legal form to MAT-INCÊNDIO S/A – ENGENHARIA DE INCÊNDIO.

In 1956, following the industrial growth of the country, the Company started manufacturing cylinders for high pressure gas storage, making it its main industrial activity by the end of the next decade.

Continuing its development program, new and modern equipment was acquired in 1995. This enabled a large increase in production capacity, including in its line of special cylinders products, as well as CNG cylinders, which placed MAT within a select group of major global manufacturers of high pressure cylinders.

In 1998 the company had its Quality System certified in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO 9000 by TÜV CERT Brasil, RWTÜV/DAR, a globally recognized and respected certification institution from Germany

In 1999, it altered its corporate name to MAT-Incêndio S/A.
At the beginning of 2000, in order to meet the growing demand of vehicular natural gas cylinders, a new manufacturing line was incorporated into the existing park, substantially increasing the manufacturing capacity of these cylinders.

In the first quarter of 2000, a modern industrial unit was established and started to manufacture cylinders and valves for vehicular natural gas and air gases in Cajamar – SP.

In 2001, MAT improved the industrial park of the Dutra Unit, enabling a monthly growth from 4,000 to 12,000 in the manufacturing of vehicular natural gas cylinders.

In 2002, the Cajamar unit, established a new industrial building, sheltering the entire manufacturing of air gases cylinders, in all its variety of types and capacities.

In 2005, its structure was expanded with the installation of a new plant in Jundiaí – SP, reaching a 40,000 cylinders/month capacity.

MAT is continuously investing in new technologies to meet the demand for cylinders across the four continents to which it already exports its products.


MAT has its Quality System certified in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO 9001, by Bureau Veritas, a globally recognized and respected certification institution and accredited by INMETRO – Brazil. Its products are certified by standards:

ISO 11439, ISO 9809-1/2/3, ISO 11120, IRAM 2526,
COVENIN 3226-1, DOT 3AA, TC 3AAM, NGV-2.

All these certifications lead MAT to constant development and continuous improvement of products, enabling the Company to meet all future needs of its customers with efficiency and quality guaranteed.
MAT´s Quality Assurance System monitors the cylinders individually throughout the production process. Through strict controls, tests and inspections recorded in the SAP management system, MAT exceeds the criteria set by manufacturing standards and ensures its customers a product with a high level of quality and safety.
This is the reason MAT has become a leader in the market: its full commitment to providing high quality products in order to ensure total satisfaction to the Company´s clients. Products supplied by third parties, such as valves and acetylene cylinders, are manufactured in accordance with their Quality System.


Provide solutions for high pressure gas storage through the development, production, control, marketing and service for quality, reliability and high-tech cylinders, aiming at the satisfaction of our customers, shareholders, associates, employees and society as a whole.

ISO 11439
ISO 11120
ISO 9809-1/2/3
IRAM 2526
COVENIN 3226-1